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Together, we will be unstoppable!!!

The Autism Revolution for Medical Intervention (ARMI) is a nonprofit, volunteer led organization working towards redefining our understanding of Autism. Our goal is to make what we already know become common knowledge…Autism is a set of symptoms caused by a medical illness.

The ARMI will be a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves and is advocating to have Autism removed from the DSM-V, we are advocating for medical treatment, we are advocating to ensure research dollars are utilized wisely and efficiently, and we are advocating for prevention.

The Autism Revolution for Medical Intervention knows that researchers, educators, behaviorists, parents and doctors all have a piece of the Autism puzzle and if we join forces we can give all our children a chance for a healthy, happy life and a bright future.  We are hoping that everyone who has been touched by autism and related illnesses will support our mission.


Population of the world with ASD

Average Cost to a Family per year

Canadians living with ASD

Number of people it takes to make a difference

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Open letter about Autism to Justin Trudeau

Read Our Open Letter to Justin Trudeau

Dear Mr. Trudeau, My name is Lisa Stephenson and I would first and foremost like to congratulate you on becoming Canada’s 23rd prime minister. I am writing to you today regarding a matter of the utmost importance…

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Read Ellen Bolte's Supporting Letter

For more than a decade, society has watched the number of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) steadily climb. Arguments over whether the increase represents better diagnosis, broadening of the diagnostic criteria…

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Ellen Bolte's Letter about Autism for the ARMI

The Documenting Hope Project

The Documenting Hope Project is brought to you by:


Epidemic Answers is dedicated to educating the public about the epidemic of chronic illness affecting the current generation of children and providing prevention and healing solutions for parents, caregivers and future parents. The Documenting Hope Project was born of one simple gutsy observation:  In spite of what most parents are told, many of these children can get better.  We have the tools. And by demonstrating how they get better and how to protect their health we have the opportunity to create a better, safer, healthier and more sustainable future . . . for all of us.  14 Children, 18 Months, 1 Goal:  RECOVERY.  Please visit to learn more.

Brain Maker

The Power of Gut Microbes to Heal and Protect Your Brain–for Life

For more information, check out our Recommended Reading: Brain Maker

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